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The School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology is one of the School of the University. It was established in 1989 and became fully functional in 1990.  now has eight departments that award Bachelor of Technology Degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension, Animal Science and Range Management, Crop Production and Horticulture, Crop Protection, Fisheries, Food Science and Technology, Forestry and Wildlife Management and Soil Science. In the eight academic departments, there are 84 academic staff in the following cadre.
Professors = 14
Associate Professors = 08
Senior Lecturers = 23
Others = 45

 Departments under the school

a.      Department of Crop Protection                              
b.      Department of Soil Science                                                           
c.       Department of Animal Science and Range Management  
d.      Department of Fisheries                                                     
e.       Department of Food Science &Technology      
f.       Department of Forestry & Wild life Management
g.       Department of Agricultural Economies and Extensions
h.      Department of Crop Production & Horticulture 


The School has grown since inception in 1989 to date to a centre of excellence in Agriculture and Food Security. The School is now housed in Usman Bayero Nafada Centre of Agriculture and Food Security building. The School complex has four blocks that house two departments each. In addition there is a Dean’s Office block with six offices and the School Library.
All the eight departments run Post graduate programmes Vis: Postgraduate diploma, Masters of Technology, Master of Science and Master of Philosophy.
The School also collaborates with the West African Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP) in the area of seed multiplication, Fishery Production, Poultry Production, Agriculture, Post harvest and Technology Dissemination. Recently WAAPP Office in Abuja denoted a brand new Toyota Hilux to the School for the WAAPP activities in the University.
Challenges and Constraints
The School of Agriculture moved to its permanent site in March 2013. The movement was however, in phases which finally completed in January 2014. The Challenges and constraints of the School is how to put the vast space into full use. The eight departments in School have 24 classrooms, out of which only six are now furnished and put to use. Out of the 16 laboratories that cut across the eight departments non, is furnished and put to use. In addition there are eight seminar rooms which are yet to be furnished. Also, eight departmental board rooms and eight computer studios are yet to be furnished.
The water supply to the complex is yet to be commissioned even though there is borehole with over head tank erected.
The drainage system and land scaping needs to be provided to beautify the complex. There is need also to provide the complex with solar security light to provide lighting in the night. Other challenges and constraints of the complex is bade of packing space for the staff. There is need to provide befitting packing space for the complex.
While some departments are top heavy others are bottom heavy. In addition, departments such as Fisheries and Food Science have seven and five academic staff respectively. There is need to recruit nine staff in these two departments. There is need to also to recruit graduate assistants to be t rained in specific areas in those departments that are top heavy such us Agricultural Economics and Extension, Crop Production and Horticulture and Forestry and Wildlife Management.

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