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 Prof.  S.A. Kareem  Dean S.E.E.T
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The School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET) was formally established in October, 1990 with an initial intake of 60 students at the 200 level.  Since then the student intake and enrolment have grown rapidly with the student intake for the current session, 2014/2015 put at about 1,184.
The NUC Accreditation for all the programmes in the School had expired by 2010 and presently, we are preparing to re- accredit our entire programme this year (2015). Similarly, the Department of Chemical, Electrical and Electronics and Mechanical Engineering had their COREN Accreditation expired by 2015, and are preparing to re-accredited their programmes too. While Agricultural and Environmental and Civil Engineering Department’s COREN Accreditation will expire by 2017. 


Philosophy and Objectives.
The School of Engineering and Engineering Technology, was established in October, 1990 with an initial in-take of sixty students at the 200 level. The students were in two main groups, those from 100 level science programmes of the University and the direct entry candidates who made up about 35% of that students population. There are also a significant number of foreign students enrolled in the School. Research interests of academic staff cover diverse fields of corrosion, solar energy utilization transport phenomena. Local raw materials utilization for construction/climate design of building highway, surface failure, structural uses of timber, electrical power transmission and distribution, control of electrical machines, power systems protection, drainage irrigation erosion control and water supply technology.
The overall philosophy of the School is to produce graduates with a sound academic background coupled with good practical training. The graduates will actively contribute to the achievement of the nation’s goal of industrial development.
They would be trained to be self reliant, creative, imaginative and resourceful in the application of their skills to solve technical problems
3.         Academic Programmes
At the undergraduate level, each department runs one programme each.  Subsequently five programmes leading to the award of B.Eng. are offered.The programmes are:
  1. Department of Agricultural &Env. Engineering
  2. Department of Chemical Engineering
  3. Department of Civil Engineering
  4. Department of Electrical Electronic
  5. Department of Mechanical Engineering
It is the objective of the School to offer Post Graduate Programme and Consultancy Services to both the Public and Private sectors. This would foster closer cooperation in interaction between Industry and academic. The School has already started Post Graduate Programmes in Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
At the postgraduate level, the following programmes are offered
in the School.
  1. Agricultural and Environment Engineering
  2. M. Eng. in Farm Power and Machinery
  3. M. Eng. in Soil and Water Engineering
  4. Ph.D in Farm Power and Machinery
  5. Chemical Engineering
  6. M. Eng. in Chemical Engineering
  7. Process Engineering
  8. Ceramic Engineering
  9. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
           The Department is running the M.Eng. Programmes in   
the following areas of Electrical and Electronics Engineering:
  1. M.Eng Electronics and Telecommunications
  2. M.Eng Control and Instrumentations and
  3. M.Eng Electrical Power and Machines
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. M. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering (Production and Industrial  Engineering)
  6. M. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering (Design and Solid Mechanics Engineering)
  7. M.Eng. in Thermal Fluids and Energy
  8. M. Eng. Mechatronics 
  9. Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering
The School of Engineering and Engineering Technology, SEET currently has
the following standing committees in addition to the School Board.
  1. School Management Committee
  2. School Post Graduate Committee
  3. School Central Workshop Committee
  4. School Admission Committee
  5. School Research Committee
  6. School Examination and Time Table Committee
  7. School Welfare Committee
  8. School Fellowship Award Committee
  9. School Strategic Planning Committee
  10. School Seminars committee
  11. School Curriculum Committee
  12. School Results Screening Committee
School Appointment and Promotions Committee
Presently, the School has five Departments, namely:
  1. Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  5. Mechanical Engineering

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