The Department of Mechanical Engineering was started in October 1990 with three Academic Staff and few Students. Presently the department has an approximate number of 146 students at undergraduate level and 7 students at post graduate level. The department has graduated over 256 grandaunts at both undergraduate and post graduate levels since inception. The department is currently running a post graduate programs at maters and PhD level in the fields of Design of Solid Mechanics, Industrial and Production Engineering, thermo-fluids and energy and mechatronics. The department is in the process of mounting Postgraduate diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
The philosophy of the B.Eng. (Mechanical) degree is to provide career engineers with relevant engineering and managerial skills required for positions of responsibilities in industry, commerce, educational institution and government for national development. The objectives of the department are to produce engineering graduates with practical and entrepreneurial skills and to conduct research and development in Mechanical Engineering systems and Engineering Materials geared towards achieving national goals and aspirations.
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