The aim of the programme is to produce competent graduates with sufficient contemporary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to deal with planning, design, construction, management and conservation of man-made and natural environment. The objectives of the programme include sustain the training of competent, skillful and creative individuals capable of upholding, sustaining and linking educational experiences to the values and needs of the society. The programme also aims at exploiting the rich cultural and traditional design and production processes endowed by the diverse cultural practices across the country to enrich the various industries in the country. It is also the viewpoint of the department to involve institutions in the processes of expositing design and production problems of our national industries generally and attempt to find solution to the problems and promote the national industries through original designs and adaptability to meet the fast changing needs of the society. The objectives of this programme are as follows: a. To produce designers capable of understanding and solving complex problems in the field of industrial design b. This programme is to train competent graduates in Industrial Design knowledge processes, skills and their techniques and technology and management c. In addition, the programme should be able to promote adequate general knowledge and specified skills and techniques. d. To enhance the effective performance of graduate designers to use technological methods, techniques, skills and materials involved in Industrial Design for economic and human needs.
Regime of Knowledge: Courses are handled by qualified personnel who are professionals in their field. Students are taught through lecturing and practical demonstration after which they are examined through continuous assessment and end of semester examination that incorporates the knowledge in basic design, areas of specialization, general skills materials and history. b) Competencies and skill: The department has trained quality students that are presently gainfully employed in different places in the industry. Graduates from the department are trained to be self-sufficient, self-reliant and job creators because the training inculcates the entrepreneurship and self reliant management ans sales marketing ability . They are well prepared to set up cottage industries that are needed in wealth creation and nation building. c) Behavioral attitudes: The curriculum is built to install good behavioral attitude to the graduates. In addition to the all encompassing well developed courses of the departmental programmes, courses are drawn from various disciplines in the university that will impart positively on the candidates in the areas of communication and general studies, computer knowledge, entrepreneurship etc to enhance their interpersonal relationships, organizational skills and ethical standard.
Postgraduate Programme

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