Welcome to School of Pure and Applied Sciences


The School of Pure and Applied Sciences (SPAS) is the oldest School in the University, having been established in 1981 at the inception of the University.  It was then known as School of Sciences with four (4) departments viz: - Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics/Statistics and Physics.  This arrangement existed till June 1984 when the University was merged with the University of Maiduguri and was renamed Modibbo Adama College, Yola.
In 1988, the College was de-merged and subsequently regained its former status and name (Federal University of Technology, Yola).  This resulted in the name of the School being changed to the School of Science and Technology Education (SSTE) with the creation of the Department of Technology Education to now make a total of five (5) departments.  The number of departments increased to six during the 1989/90 session when the Department of Geology originally located in the School of Environmental Sciences (SES) was moved to SSTE.  The Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology were created in the 1996/97 session.  Hitherto, they were programmes in the then Department of Biological Sciences.
In September 1998, the former Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research was split into two, the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science and Statistics and Operations Research bringing the total number of departments in the School to nine.
Furthermore, at the end of the 1998/99 session, the School of Science and Technology Education was split into two – i.e. School of Technology and Science Education (STSE) and School of Pure and Applied Sciences (SPAS).  As a result of this development, the School of Pure and Applied Sciences inherited eight (8) out of the nine (9) departments that existed before the splitting.
During the 2007/2008 session, the Department of Biotechnology was created making a total number of nine (9) departments in the School.
In the current 2010/2011 session, three additional departments were created. These include: the Department of Plant Science (from the present Department of Biological Sciences), Department of Science Laboratory Technology (from the present Department of Chemistry) and Department of Computer Science (from the present Department of Mathematics/Computer Science).Bringing the total presently to twelve (12) departments to date.

There is no doubt that pure science is the bedrock of all technologies, whether copied, adopted or developed.  Therefore, the mission of the School in the new millennium remains the training of persons in the various disciplines in the School who will acquire scientific and professional skills and who in turn will be professionally competent and contribute to the development of our developing economy.  The skills our graduates will acquire or possess will make them self-reliant, create jobs and provide services rather than depend on government for employment.
Our Vision and Mission statement as a School is contained in the motto of the Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola which is: Technology for Development.   Our vision and mission as a School of pure science is to carry through the molecular approach to understanding, to solve problems and make our environment a better, healthier and conducive place to live in.


Currently, the School of Pure and Applied Sciences (SPAS) has thirteen (13) Departments as listed below:

  1. Department of Biochemistry
  2. Department of Biotechnology
  3. Department of Chemistry
  4. Department of Biological Science
  5. Department of Computer Science
  6. Department of Geology
  7. Department of Science Laboratory Technology
  8. Department of Mathematics
  9. Department of Microbiology
  10. Department of Physics
  11. Department of Plant Science
  12. Department of Statistics &Operations Research
  13. Department of Zoology


The three (3) additional departments of Plant Science, Science Laboratory Technology and Computer Science were created by senate at its 160th regular meeting held on 3rd November, 2011.
The School currently has the following Standing Committees in the addition to the School Board:

  1.   School Management Committee
  2.   School Post-Graduate Committee
  3.   School Research Committee
  4.   School Examination & Time-table Committee
  5.   School Welfare Committee
  6.   School Fellowship Award  Committee
  7.   School Strategic Planning Committee
  8.   School Seminars Committee
  9.   School Curriculum Committee
  10.   School Results Screening Committee

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