University Medical Centre

History and Overview

The Medical Centre was established to take care of the health needs of the staff, students and the close relatives of the staff. It is also one of the avenues through which the University carries out a much needed community service to the rural population around the University.

Our Mission

To ensure that the staff and students are in a state of physical, mental and emotional well being to carry out their duties and requirements in the University.

Our Vision

To develop the Centre into a mini-centre of excellence to be able to cope with the health challenges of the University community and the immediate environs.


  • Treating the Sick
  • Providing social services 
  • Counseling, health and nutritional advice
Units in the Department

Medical: This comprises of the Doctors, whose function is to consult and manage the patients that visit the centre.

Nursing: The function of the nurses is to provide care and support to the patients by carrying out the instructions of the Doctors.

Pharmacy: The pharmacy unit is responsible for purchasing and administration of drugs and also administer necessary advice to the patients.

Laboratory: This is an important arm of the Diagnostics unit. They maintain good quality control to ensure correct diagnosis.

Physiotherapy: is involved in rehabilitation medicine to ensure normal functioning of the body components.

Dietetic: gives nutritional advice for effective dietary therapy in disease conditions that require effective dietary monitoring control.

Records: This is the custodian of patient’s records. They can also help in statistics and research whenever necessary.

Sanitary: They are in charge of environmental sanitation within the premises and in residential areas of the University.

Mortuary: The centre also takes care of the dead. This unit is responsible for the preservation of the corpses before burial.

The Administration: This is the link between the centre and the other areas of the University. They are also responsible for day to day management of the centre and take care of the welfare of the staff.

General Matters: The centre fully operates the National Health Insurance Scheme for the staff of the University. We are also getting ready to queue in to the Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance programme for students. These two programmes are helping to provide health care delivery service to the community. The fallout from the schemes in terms of finance is also helping to provide and improve the infrastructure and facilitate the medical centre.


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