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Sports Facilities

Sports Council/Facilities

Sporting facilities in the University include the following:

  1. A mini stadium with standardized football field, tracks for different races, triple and long jump pitch and other facilities.
  2. Practical field, two tennis courts (hard courts) and three laterite courts;
  3. Facilities for volley ball, handball and basketball. There are table tennis boards in the main refectory in the Students' centre and badminton courts. The University has facilities for playing hockey and cricket.

Students, who play squash or swim, can make use of squash courts.

All sports loving men and women are invited to practice to enhance their mental and physical fitness and to win laurels for themselves, the University and the nation at large.




Hostels Accommodation

The Lodgings Unit of the Student Affairs Division is responsible for allocation of students to the Halls of Residence. The Unit ensures that the University Policy of total accommodation for fresh students is maintained while accommodation of the returning students is not neglected either. Also, the routine general secretariat administration of all the Halls of Residence is being coordinated by the Unit. In addition, it entertains students’ complaints on accommodation as well as off-campus accommodation matters. Provision of temporary accommodation to visiting students is another responsibility under the purview of the Lodgings Officer. Besides, the Unit oversees the catering services as rendered by independent catering contractors in the Halls of Residence.
Contact: You can call +234-90-20000000 or +234-80-30000000 8.00am – 2.00pm on Mondays-Fridays on all matters related to students’ accommodation and related clarifications.
Below is the carrying capacity status of the halls of residence.

ü  Kabiru Umar Hall – for  Male Students

ü  Oba Adetona Hall- for  Male Students

ü  Nana Asmau Hall- for  Female Students

ü  Chukwu Hall- for  Female Students


University Medical Centre

History and Overview

The Medical Centre was established to take care of the health needs of the staff, students and the close relatives of the staff. It is also one of the avenues through which the University carries out a much needed community service to the rural population around the University.

Our Mission

To ensure that the staff and students are in a state of physical, mental and emotional well being to carry out their duties and requirements in the University.

Our Vision

To develop the Centre into a mini-centre of excellence to be able to cope with the health challenges of the University community and the immediate environs.


  • Treating the Sick
  • Providing social services 
  • Counseling, health and nutritional advice
Units in the Department

Medical: This comprises of the Doctors, whose function is to consult and manage the patients that visit the centre.

Nursing: The function of the nurses is to provide care and support to the patients by carrying out the instructions of the Doctors.

Pharmacy: The pharmacy unit is responsible for purchasing and administration of drugs and also administer necessary advice to the patients.

Laboratory: This is an important arm of the Diagnostics unit. They maintain good quality control to ensure correct diagnosis.

Physiotherapy: is involved in rehabilitation medicine to ensure normal functioning of the body components.

Dietetic: gives nutritional advice for effective dietary therapy in disease conditions that require effective dietary monitoring control.

Records: This is the custodian of patient’s records. They can also help in statistics and research whenever necessary.

Sanitary: They are in charge of environmental sanitation within the premises and in residential areas of the University.

Mortuary: The centre also takes care of the dead. This unit is responsible for the preservation of the corpses before burial.

The Administration: This is the link between the centre and the other areas of the University. They are also responsible for day to day management of the centre and take care of the welfare of the staff.

General Matters: The centre fully operates the National Health Insurance Scheme for the staff of the University. We are also getting ready to queue in to the Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance programme for students. These two programmes are helping to provide health care delivery service to the community. The fallout from the schemes in terms of finance is also helping to provide and improve the infrastructure and facilitate the medical centre.



Introduction:-The Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola commercial Guest House is a friendly ultra modern guest house situated in a beautiful, serene and quiet environment within the University. All rooms are tastefully furnished and have Internet services and satellite television system. It also has a standard restaurant offering continental and national dishes, a fountain side relaxation spot, Car hire service, 24 hours power supply and well spaced parking lot with adequate security. It is located right within the a phis centre of the university premises’.
The Main objectives: Our primary objective is to take advantage of the growing requirements of decent accommodation for students and parent, and continuous growth of our university and beyond. Goals have been set to be the accommodation, caterers, conferencing and others. This can only be achieved through excellent service, creative & innovative product offering, being an operator leader, techno savvy and visitor of choice. Managing Resources We are committed to managing our business responsibly, thus minimizing and eliminating risk to our guests and patrons; continuously stretching ourselves to the edge in order to grow, improve our standards, star grading and increase our market share through personalised service. We are an offering Restaurant and catering services, supporting the sustainability of our local and foreign visitors to the university. As part of our Corporate Responsibility Investment, we have subsidized our rooms and other service to carter for the needy within the community, to member of staff.
Accommodation Mautech Guest House comprises of: • A modern reception area; • A Dining Area; • Four Bedrooms: Two fully carpeted suites; An Executive suite; and A Deluxe room, • Outside Entertainment Area with a built in bar & braai (barbeque), sparkling blue swimming pool surrounded by a well manicured garden ideal for functions, events, team building or private meetings; • A seventy pax conferencing facility for seminars or workshop. We have the capacity to host strategy and team building sessions within our premises or utilise such facilities within close proximity to our guesthouse; Mautech Guest House provides the following products and services: • Accommodation • Catering (Meals and Beverages), • Conferencing Facility for Seminars and Workshops, • Entertainment Area, • Shuttle and Transfers Services; • Tailor-made tours to its patrons and guests.



The Student Union
There is no doubt, whatsoever, that student unionism is desirable in the University. What the authorities expect, however, is mature and responsible leadership from members of the student union executive, as they are a critical link between the students and the authorities. Towards this end, and in order to have responsible and visionary student leadership, the authorities have put in place a number of quality control measures for those who are aspiring to be student leaders. One of these measures is that such students must have made a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.5. The authorities have always consciously encouraged students to join the body, and have always insisted on good quality leadership.
Here are some examples of what good leadership and quality followership could achieve: the 1962 nation-wide student demonstration championed by the Modibbo Adama University of Technology students, against the signing of the Anglo/Nigerian Defence Pact. Through their concerted peaceful demonstration, the students were able to get the post-Independence Nigerian Government to drop the idea of signing a defence pact with Britain. Similarly, at the news of the Dimka-led military coup attempt of February 13, 1976, which led to the assassination of the then Head of State of Nigeria, Gen. Murtala Ramat Mohammad, the Nigerian Students, led by students of the University, were on the streets in a peaceful and well organised demonstration to protest and condemn the dastardly act, long before the coup was aborted.
Senate Regulations
Senate, in exercise of its powers, under Section 5 of the University Act of 1962, made the following regulations:
i.    Before any resolutions on University-wide, state or national issues involving the boycott of lectures and/or demonstrations, taken by the Student Union Executive or the Student Representative Council become effective, they must be ratified by at least 51 percent of the general body of students voting in a referendum supervised by the Deputy Registrar (Students). Any resolutions of the nature set out above not supported by a majority of the students as specified above shall be null and void, and any student found acting in accordance with such resolutions shall be guilty of misconduct.
ii.   No resolutions of the nature set out in Regulation 1 above supported by a majority of the students shall become operative before University authorities have approved them. Any student found acting in accordance with such resolutions before approval by the University authorities shall be guilty of misconduct.
iii.  The accounts of the Student Union must be kept in accordance with the standards prescribed by the Bursar of the University and must be audited every semester by the Chief Internal Auditor of the University. Any Student Union Officer or any other student who obstructs the Chief Internal Auditor in the performance of this duty shall be guilty of misconduct.
iv.     Any student who advocates and/or uses violence for any purpose in the University shall be guilty of misconduct.
v.   Before any distinguished person outside the University is invited by the Student Union or any group of students to participate in public lectures or other activities in the University, the organizer must first provide all necessary information about the programme and seek the approval of the Vice – Chancellor through the Dean of Students. Any student who does not comply with this regulation shall be guilty of misconduct.
Any revision or amendment of the Student Union Constitution ratified by the general body of students must be submitted to Senate for approval before it becomes operative.
Any provision of the Student Union Constitution, which conflicts, with any Senate Regulations shall be null and void.
These Regulations of Senate are made without prejudice to the disciplinary powers conferred upon the Vice - Chancellor under Section 10 of the University Act 1962, as variously amended.
The Student Union is the representative of the entire body of students of the University. All registered students are members of the Union by payment of an annual subscription, which is to be paid directly to the Union. However, following a recent government policy, student unionism is voluntary.  In effect, students may opt out of membership of the Union.
The Union serves as an effective means of training in mature leadership and as a channel of co-ordination for student involvement in the management of the University. The general function of the Union is to foster and manage the athletic, social and cultural interests of students and provide a forum for any other activities of the Union.
The governing body of the Union is the Student Representative Council (SRC). Each Hall of Residence is represented on the Student Representative Council. In accordance with existing Student Union Constitution, the Union elects the following officers every session: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, House Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Sports Secretary. The Union Constitution also provides for the office of a Senior Treasurer, who is normally the deputy Registrar (Students), with supervisory powers over the management of the Union finances.
The officers of the Union are housed in the Student Union Building with full facilities for a library, a Billiard Room, a Bar and Buttery, Conference Rooms and a Student Representative Council Chamber. The Sports Council Swimming Pool is adjacent to the Central Cafeteria and close to the Student Union Building. The Union engages its own clerical staff and at present owns and maintains its own vehicles.
Revised Student Union Constitution*
Preamble And Establishment of the Constitution
RECOGNISING the need to consolidate ourselves into a truly active and progressive association in order to protect the rights of our students and discharge our responsibilities as informed members of the society, subject to the authority of Senate;
REALISING the need to support by all lawful means the fundamental freedom of thought and expression, association and movement;
APPRECIATING the problems of our society and the role we must play in the maintenance of a democratic, open and progressive educational system whereby every Nigerian citizen shall have equal opportunity to education;
COMMITTED to harnessing the enthusiasm of students for dynamic, purposeful, political, socio-economic and technological development;
DEDICATED to the total liberation of our fatherland (Nigeria) from all forms of domination and the attainment of Nigerian Unity;
DETERMINED to engage our members in the national scheme of social progress aimed at the total mobilization of the Nigerian Students towards realizing National ideals and to draw attention at all times and in all places to any form of exploitation, discrimination, oppression and any other social vices among the students, and to work for the realization of peace in our community.
We, the students of the Mautech,Yola, Federal Republic of Nigeria, having firmly and solemnly resolved to perpetuate and enhance the advancement of the Students’ Union of the aforesaid University, do hereby enact, subject to the approval of Senate, the following Constitution.
This shall be the Constitution of the Students Union, University, hereinafter referred to as the UNION and its provisions shall be binding on all members of the Union.
for more information e-mail   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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