Centre for renewable energy and Biotechnology

The Centre started effectively in 2010 along with the other Centres in the Country which are funded directly by the Federal Government. It is designed to be a Centre of excellence for research, development, on renewable energy and biotechnology dissemination and training in renewable, alternative and other energy technologies. It is presently active in the areas of Solar, Biomass and Coal energy utilization, energy consumption and energy policy studies. The Centre is presently housed in a multi-purpose building consisting of seven offices, a small laboratory, small mechanical and electrical workshops, a library, a seminar room and a conference centre.

Some of the specialized facilities include a computerized solar collector test rig with an attached meteorological station, and classification of wood. There is also a photo-type-photo-voltaic system for light energy. Projects supported by the Centre typically have been executed so far in collaboration with staff of mechanical engineering, agricultural engineering, and physics, statistics, economics and sociology departments of the University. The Centre welcomes project proposals by interested staff of all disciplines.

The center is headed by

Engr. Dr. I.A.Usman PhD.

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