The Department of Crop Production and Horticulture is a major centre for broad range of research into various disciplines ranging from, Crop Production, Genetic and Plant Breeding, Horticulture, Crop Physiology, Weed Science, Post Harvest Physiology and Storage Technology. There are also opportunities for collaboration with other department such as, Crop Protection, Forestry, Soil Science, Geography, Biological Sciences, Agricultural Economics, and Food Science. The Department also actively collaborates with National Research Institute like Lake Chad Research Institute, Institute of Agricultural Research ABU Zaria, National Cereals Research Institute and International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, as well as private firms and agencies. The Department undertakes research in crops that are found and can be grown locally, in order to make beneficial impact on the local community in which the university is located and also the nation as a whole. The demand for food and manpower in Agriculture is increasingly out stripping supply due to increase population and low staff turnover and also brain from universities. To increase crop production and bridge the gap in staff turnover, there is need to improve manpower development at this level, hence the need to float post-graduate progamme in the Department for this part of Nigeria.
The main objectives of the post-graduate programme are to provide in-depth teaching and research complimented with extensive practice experience as to enable graduands perform effectively in their chosen fields of endeavour as either practicing agriculturalists or imparting knowledge to more students at both under-and post-graduate levels. It is also aimed, to provide professional expertise in chosen areas of study I oder to foster a high degree of scholarship and creativity to research and techniques which will prepare them for careers research activities.
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Programme structure (a) Full-time Master’s Degree - 4 semester or 24 calendar months (b) Part-time Master’s Degree - 8 semester or 48 calendar months M. Tech programmes in the department The Department of Crop Production and Horticulture offers three Master’s Degree Progammes, viz: (a) M. Tech. Agronomy (b) M. Tech Crop Breeding (c) M. Tech Post Harvest Physiology and Storage Technology
The admission requirements are as stipulated in the Regulations Governing Higher Degrees issued by the School of Post-Graduate Studies, Section C sub-section 7.2 However, candidates applying for Masters Degree programme shall normally be holders of first Degrees of the Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola or other institutions recognized by the University Senate, with at least a second class honours.
(a) Full-time Master’s Degree - 4 semester or 24 calendar months (b) Part-time Master’s Degree - 8 semester or 48 calendar months
Minimum passing grade for all courses taken by a postgraduate student is a grade of ‘C’ with a GPA of 4.0 (“B” Average) per semester. To graduate, a student must obtain not less than 24 units of core courses with a “B” average in relevant graduate level courses offered in the Department. This is in addition to the research project for which at least a “B” grade must also be obtained.

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