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On behalf of the School of Technology and Science Education, I welcome you to the webpage of our school that has witnessed unprecedented growth in programmes and manpower within the last few years.

The vision and mission of the School is in line with the motto of Modibbo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH) which is Technology and Development.  In line with these the School produces highly competent teachers with the requisite knowledge and skills that is propelling the school to become a centre of Excellence for training of Science, Vocational and Technology Education teachers.

To help us achieve our goal, the school engages in academic programmes and activities as well as workshops and Seminars.  All these are made possible by reputable scholars in the areas of Agricultural Technology Education, Industrial Technology Education and Science Education across the four departments with twelve programmes and Sandwich programme that train teachers during long vacation periods.

At postgraduates’ level, the school offers postgraduates Diploma in Education (PGDE), postgraduate Diploma in Technology Education (PGDTE) M.Tech in Industrial Technology Education, M.Tech in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Education, Master of Education in Educational Management, M.Tech Agricultural Technology Education, PhD in Industrial Technology Education, Educational Management, Agricultural Technology Education, Chemistry Education, and Mathematics Education. These programmes have witnessed rapid growth that is reflected in the quality of programmes and student population.

We are striving to improve the quality of teaching and research based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  It is in realization of the demand for teachers to meet local, national and international educational desires that STSE focuses on production of quality teachers in Science, Industrial and Vocational Education.  On hallmark is excellence.
Thank you.

Professor Christopher Ademola John, PhD

The School of Technology and Science Education (STSE) came on board during the 1999/2000 academic year.  It was the realization of a dream arising from an apparent need to meet both local and national educational desires in our education system.  Hitherto, our programmes had been run under the former School of Science and Technology Education (SSTE) in a single department, known as Department of Technology Education.  With the birth of the new school, STSE programmes were run in two departments – Department of Technology Education and Department of Science Education as follows: 
                (a)            Department of Science Education
The programmes in this department include:
i.              Biology Education
ii.             Chemistry Education
iii.            Geography Education
iv.            Mathematics Education
v.             Physics Education
vi.            Statistics Education

(b)           Department of Technology Education 
The programmes in this department include:
i.              Agricultural Technology Education
ii.             Business Education
iii.            Construction Technology Education
iv.            Electrical/Electronics Technology Education

  • Mechanical Technology Education

                In all, there were eleven undergraduate degree programmes offered in the school at the inception as outlined above.  However, the Department of Technology Education was split into two separate departments in 2006 for administrative convenience as follows:
Department of Technology Education
The programmes under this department include:
-               Construction Technology Education
-               Mechanical Technology Education
b.             Department of Vocational Education
The programmes under this department include:

  • Agricultural Technology Education
  • Business Education
  • Home Economics Education

Furthermore, the Technology Education Department was split into two separate departments in 2008 as follows:
a.             Department of Electrical Educatiion  
The programmes include the following:
-               Electrical (Power) Technology Education
-               Electronics Technology Education
-               Electronics/computer Technology Education (Yet to start)
-              Telecommunications Technology Education (Yet to start)

b.             Department of Technology Education:
The programmes include the following:
-               Construction Technology Education
-               Mechanical (Auto) Technology Education
-               Mechanical (Production) Technology Education 
-               Wood Technology Education (Yet to start)
-               Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Education (Yet to start).
The stated two departments, Department of Electrical Technology Education and Vocational Education formally took off during the first semester of 2008/2009 session.

In summary, there are currently (as at 2014/2015 academic session) four departments in the School and the undergraduate degree programmes run in each department are follows: 

1.            Department of Electrical Educatiion
-               Electrical (Power) Technology Education
-               Electronics Technology Education

2.             Department of Science Education
i.              Biology Education
ii.             Chemistry Education
iii.            Physics Education
iv.            Mathematics Education
v.             Statistics Education
vi.            Geography Education

3.            Department of Technology Education
i.              Construction Technology Education
ii.             Mechanical (Auto) Technology Education
iii.            Mechanical (Production) Technology Education

4.           Department of Vocational Education
-               Agricultural Technology Education
-               Business Education
-               Home Economics Education

In addition to the undergraduate programmes indicated above, all the four departments also run postgraduate degree and diploma programmes as follows:

Departments of Electrical Technology Education and Technology Education
i.              Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial Technology Education
ii.             Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Industrial Technology Education
iii.            Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Education (PGDTE)

Department of Science Education
i.              Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Educational Management
ii.             Master of Education (M. Ed) in Education at Management
iii.            Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Department of Vocational Education
i.              Doctor of Philosophy (PGD) in Agricultural Education
ii.             Master of Technology (M. Tech.) In Agricultural Education 

Although the number of staff in School of Technology and Science Education is still far below the expected standard Minimum Bench Mark staff – student ratio of 1:30 academics with PhD and ratio of professional cadre: Senior, lecturer:, lecturer I and below of 25:35:40, a substantial progress seem to be made in employing academic staff.  It is important to note that the staff situation in Business Education and Home Economics Programmes are still very poor.  More senior academics will need to be employed to meet minimum standards.  It is important to observe, however, that there has been a substantial improvement in the quality of staff in the school within the last few years.   Good number of staff were promoted.

Staff position in the school is as follows:
1.             Mohammed Tukur Aliyu                        -              School Officer
2.             Florence Y. Benshep                               -            Personal Secretary                   
3.             Sulyman Babatunde                                -            Admin Assistant
4.             Mohammed Buba Jalo                            -             Asst. Executive Officer
5.             Ibrahim Saidu                                          -          Cleaning Supervisor
6.             Nasiru M. Manzo                                    -             Cleaning Supervisor
7.             Abubakar M. Hamma                             -             Cleaning Supervisor

Prof. C. A. John                 Dean, School of Technology and Science Education

                                Department Electrical Technology Education
1.             Prof. L. C. Ezugu(HOD) View his CV
2.             Dr. Ishaya Tumba   
3.             Dr. J. D. Medugu
4.             Dr. Mbaga Emmanel Vandi    
5.             Dr. Dauda Moses
6.             Dr. P. C. Duhu
7.             Mr. Quahha, D. W.
.8.            Mr. Joseph Zambwa                                              

  • Mal. Mohammed Bashir        

                                Non Academic
1.             Abubakar Hammajoda                            -               Chief Typist
2.             Alh. Hamidu Damburam                         -               Lab Technician
3.             Jamilatu Mohammed                               -               Chief Clerical Officer
4.             Mari Daltha                                             -               Cleaner

                                Department of Science Education
1.             Prof. J. M. Ndagana – HOD   
2.             Prof. D. M.Gwany
3.             Prof. Martins  Fabunmi
4.             Dr. Elisha Habila Zuya                            
5.             Dr. Ahmed Aminu Chiroma
6.             Dr. John Sakiyo
7.             Dr. O. R. Ugwuadu                                                
8.             Dr. K. M. Badau     
9.             Dr. Aishatu S. Bello                                                
10.           Dr. Abubakar Ahmed Habib                   
11.           Mal. Mohamed Ali A.                                                             
12.           Mal. Ibrahim Hayatu G.                          
13.           Mal. Jibrilla Adamu                                                
14.           Mal. Abdullahi Shuaibu                          
15.           Mal. Kawu Waziri                                   
16.           Ms. Maimuna Aliyu                                                
17            Haj. Fatima M. Joda                
18.           Mal. M. M. Ahmed                                 
19.           Mal. Yakubu Egede                
20            Mr. Okonkwo Okey E.                           
21            Alh. A. Y. Suleman                                                
22            Mal. I. Y. Kotirde                                    
23.           Mal. Fasasi, Kolawole Mudasiru
24.           Abdulrasheed Olowoselu Salam
25.           Mohammad Murtala
26.           Awodoyin Framcis O.            
27.           Dr. Adepoju Oluwasanumi
28.           Prof. Mercy Ogunsola  Bamdele (On Sabbatical) 
29            Dr. Okoronka Augustine Ugwumba (Visiting Lecturer)
30.           Dr. Solomon A. O. Iyekekpolor    (Visiting Lecturer)           

                                Department of Technology Education
1.             Dr. D. K. Diraso   (HOD)
2.             Prof. V.V. Apagu                                   
3.             Prof. C. A. John
4              Prof. K. H. Bulama 
5.             Dr. M. U. Cyril                                       
6.             Dr. J. D. Lkama
7.             Dr. Nwankwor, A.N.                                              
8              Dr. D. Gana            
9.             Mr. E. F. Mele                                                        
10.           Mr. T. J. Tika                                                          
11.           Mr. Enoch, E. B.     
12.           Mr. R... N. Gayus                   
13.           Mal. Abubakar S. Chiroma                                     
14.           Mr. S. Z. Kumazhege                                              
15.           Alh. A. T. Abba      
16.           Mal. Tukur Tafida                                                   
17.           Mrs. Aishatu Buba
18.           Mal. Haruna A. I.
19.           Prof. B. N. Atsumbe  (Visiting Professor)

                                Non Academic
1.             Makinde Abraham Adeola -    Chief Technologist
2.             Comfort Nwokocha                -               Senior. Personal Secretary
3.             Mohammed Zailani -               Executive Officer
4.             Aishatu Adamu                       -              Cleaner                   

                                Department of Vocational Education
                1.             Prof. C. I. Obi           (HOD)
2.             Prof. B. M. Ndomi                  
3              Dr. K. G. Farauta                                    
4.             Dr. E. Adukwu                                       
5.             Dr. E. C. Isani                                                         
6.             Mr. Hasuruna Amos                                               
7.             Mr. Dhalum, N. C.                                  
8.             Mr. Iliyasu Audu                                    
9.             Mr. Olowe J. Ola, Esq.                           
10.           Mal. Ali Hamisu                                     
11.           Mrs. Adedokun Patricia P.                      
12.           Mrs. Zara Jika                                                         
13.           Mahmud Muhammed                                              
14.           Mal. Shuaibu Bako                                 
15.           Mal. Babangida Haruna                          
16            Mal. Umar M. A.                                    
17.           Hassana D. Kefas                                    
18.           Mal. U. A. Bashir                                   
19.           Mal. Modibbo Buba                                                
20            Rukaiya I. Mohammed                            
21            Umoru, Mohammed Lawal     
22.           Yusuf Umar Baraya
23.           Barkindo Hussaina Maryam
24.           Suleiman Hayatu
25            Ms. Sarah Salihu                                     
26.           Mrs. Bagula R. Luti                                               

                                Non Academic       
1.             Grace Isaac O.                                         -               Confidential Secretary I
2.             Shuaibu Daiyibu                                     -               Asst. Executive Officer
3.             Abdulmalik A. Lawal                              -               Senior Clerical Officer
4.             Adamu Ahmed                                        -               Clerical Officer
5.             Gladys Mapro                                         -               Care Taker
6.             Mohammed Adamu                                -               Cleaner



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