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Business Management E-Learning Material




Economics E-Learning Material

Principles of Economics 1 CC101

Principles of Economics 2 CC102

Introduction to Microeconomics Theory CC201

Introduction to Macroeconomics Theory CC202

Statistics for Economics1 CC203

Statistics for Economics2 CC204

Intermediate Mathematics for Economist CC205

History of Economics Thoughts CC206

Labour Economics CC209

Principles of Economics for Operation Research CC210

Introduction to Monetary Economics CC211

Applied Monetary Economics CC212

Intermediate Microeconomic CC301

Intermediate Macroeconomic CC302

Nigeria Public Finance 1 CC303

Calculus for Economists CC305

Trade Policy and International finance CC306

Structure of Nigerian Economy CC307

Problems of the Nigerian Economy CC308

Public Sector 2 CC310

History of Economic Thought 2 CC311

Introduction to Econometrics CC312

Analysis of Firm’s Behaviour CC313

Research Methods CC314

Industrial Economics CC315

Linear Algebra for Economists CC316

Theory of International Trade CC317

Managerial Economics CC318

Introduction to Political Economy CC321

Advanced Microeconomic CC401

Advanced Macroeconomic CC402

Theories of Development Economics CC403

Project Management 1 CC405

Project Management 2 CC406

Econometric Methods and Model 1 CC407

Econometric Methods and Model 2 CC408

Economics Planning 1 CC409

Economics Planning 2 CC410

Monetary Policy CC414

Monetary Theory CC415

Problems and Policy Development CC416

Comparative Economic System CC417

International Trade Policy CC418

Trade Theory CC419

Energy Economics 1 CC420

Energy Economics 2 CC421

Petroleum Economics CC422

Introduction to Computer Science 1 CS101


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