The Council of the then Federal University of Technology, Yola at its 6th meeting held on 30th October, 1990 approved the setting up of a Consultancy Firm, to be known as Federal University of Technology, Yola Consultancy Services Unit, under the direction and control of Consultancy Services Management Board.  The decision was made in line with the Federal Military Government’s directive to Universities to provide complimentary funding to their statutory allocations.  Federal University of Technology, Yola Consultancy Services Unit (FUTYCONSULT) started in 1991 as a Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Firm that provides qualitative and professional services to Government (Federal, State and Local), parastatals, private agencies and private sectors.  Following the change of names from Federal University of Technology, Yola to Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, in October, 2011 FUTY CONSULT is now referred to as MAUTECH CONSULT.  The Unit also provides medium skilled manpower through it Diploma Programmes in the following areas;-

Ø  Accountancy                                                                         

Ø  Animal Health and Production                                                                          

Ø  Banking and Finance                                           

Ø  Business Administration                                      

Ø  Computer Science                                                 

Ø  Information Technology                     

Ø  Public Administration                                           

Ø  Peace and Conflict Management Resolution                                  

Ø  Science Laboratory Technology        

Ø  Tropical Health and Diseases Control

Ø  Urban and Regional Planning

The Pre-degree Programme started in response to the need for an intensive refresher course to prepare Secondary School Leavers for their first year in the University and with the aim of providing opportunity of University Education for applicants who could not be admitted to the University through JAMB processes. The programme runs for nine months starting from October and the students are taught by experienced and dedicated set of lecturers. These lecturers are drawn from the various relevant Departments in the University.

In line with JAMB admission policy, all Pre-degree students are expected to sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and obtain the National Minimum score as may be determined on yearly basis by JAMB before being admitted into any programme of study in the University. Thus, students are now trained to help them to obtain the JAMB National cut-off point.

The students are given lectures, practicals, tests and examination in the relevant science and management subjects they register for. The academic standard of the programme approximate that of JAMB and the University’s 100-Level curriculum.

The Programme is non-residential; hence, students are therefore expected to arrange for their accommodation off campus.

Structure of the Pre Degree Programme

The Pre-Degree offer courses in the Science and Management subjects required for admission into MAUTECH programmes.

Pre-degree Science subjects offered include Biology or Agricultural science, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Technical drawing, English Language and Mathematics.

The Pre-degree Management subjects are Accounting, Commerce, Economics, Geography, Agricultural Science, English Language and Mathematics.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the Pre-Degree Programme will normally require a minimum of five credits (at not more than two sittings) in SSCE, GCE, NECO, and NABTEB ordinary level in five relevant subjects including English Language and Mathematics.

How to Apply

Application for admission into Pre-Degree Programme of the University is done online following advertisement for admission on the University website around June of each year of admission.

Staff of the Programme

The Pre-degree Programme is headed by a Head of Department. The current Head of Department is Dr. M. Inuwa Ja’afaru, of the Department of Microbiology.

The other administrative staff of the programme are:

1.      Mallam Mohammed Bello Aminu (Administrative Officer)

2.      Mallam Abubakar Bello (Chief typist)

3.      Mr. Gayus La’azo (Executive Officer I)

The programme source its lecturers from experienced academic staff from relevant departments in the University.



The Distance Learning Programme was established by the University for the purpose of creating and operating online education of a global scope. Across the world, there is increasing demand for distance learning (online) education. There are two forces at play. One is the global surge in quest for non-resident formal education and learning for the acquisition of academic and professional knowledge and skills. Two is the possibilities created by the ICTs revolution. Universities are now defined not only by physical growth in learning infrastructure but also by the innovative use of ICTs to deliver learning to candidates in diverse locations.

The Vice Chancellor has stated that his vision and mission is to make MAUTECH an academic giant and pace-setter in scientific research, innovative teaching and robustness of its community service and global visibility.  As part of the strategy for realizing the vision and mission, the Distance Learning Programme is making preparations for take-off of global online education.



The goal of the Distance Learning Programme is to develop and deliver market-oriented, globally competitive and sustainable online courses to candidates from diverse locations from around the world. The objectives of the MAUTECH Distance Learning Programme derive from the overall institutional vision and strategy for global relevance, national/regional leadership in university education and international competitiveness in methodology and outputs


The global online education is conceived as a branded flagship of MAUTECH in the global marketplace for educational services.

The value proposition of the Distance Learning Programme is two-in-one:

•    Delivering academic programmes of the Modibbo Adama University of Technology,Yola to global candidates through online education; and

•    Providing global candidates online education from the Modibbo Adama University of Technology,Yola.

The business model of the Distance Learning Programme is a “service provider”, with coordinating, facilitation and intermediation role in linking MAUTECH courses to students from around the world and vice versa.


i.          Management Model

The Distance Learning Programme is modelled as ICTs-based coordinating mechanism for the delivery of MAUTECH academic programmes to students throughout the world.

ii.         Online Campus

Announcement of Courses: Courses will be announced through MAUTECH website, collaborative websites, social media and conventional mass media.
  1. Admission of Students: Applications will be received online, processed and screened. The extant university degree/diploma entry requirements and regulations shall apply. Publication of admissions will be online.
  1. Payment by Students:  There will be facility for online payment by students and payments will be receipted online, globally.
  1. Registration of Students: There will be general registration and course registration. Students will be required to authenticate their registration by biometrics and international Passport. Registration will also include an affidavit of identification.
  1. Orientation of Students: There will be uploaded and accessible graphics and video showing tips and guides for students.
  1. Course Examination: Examinations will be conducted in-campus. Online students will be required to sit-in for course examinations at the end of every contact period.
  1. Announcement/Publication of Results: Results and grades for both regular course assignments and end-of-course examination will be communicated to students online.

iii.        Course Delivery

Courses will be delivered using a combination of asynchronous (non-real-time) and synchronous (real-time) methods. Real-time methods include life voice and video while non-real-time modes include text, non-live voice and video. The instructional modes will include weekly lectures (modules), group discussions, class exercises and assignments.

iv.        Module Cycle

The courses shall be delivered on the basis of module plan, operating in two successive contact seasons that make an academic cycle. A contact season refers to a period whereby a given number of modules are delivered simultaneously over a 10-week period, ending with 2-week long in-campus revisions and examinations.

v.         Access to Virtual Library

The online programme will connect students to virtual library, global databases and e-literature from across the world. Access will be provided by MAUTECH virtual library.

vi.        Online Lecturers and Resource Persons

Online staff will have requisite qualities: sound academic content, online delivery skills, good communication skills and ability to interact well with students from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and cultures and commitment to delivering value to students from around the world. Lecturers and resource persons will be drawn from within and outside MAUTECH.


The online degrees shall comply with world-class standards. The admission criteria, course requirements and award of degrees shall be based on academic regulations and guidelines of the Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola.


Application forms for Admission into Centre for Distance Learning (Part-Time & Distance Learning) Programmes are now available for sale.


1.1  B.Sc. in Accounting

1.2  B.Sc. in Business Management

1.3  B.Sc. in Economics

1.4  B.Ed. in Educational Management & Planning

1.5  B.Ed. in Guidance & Counseling

1.6  B. Sc. in Community Health (Part-Time)

1.7  B. A. in Language & Communication Arts (Part-Time)


The following candidates are eligible to apply:

2.1       B.Sc. in Accounting

            A. 100 Level Requirements

Credits in English Language, Mathematics, Accounting or Economics and two from Government, Geography, Commerce, Biology/Agric/Physics/Chemistry.

            B. 200 Level Requirements

            In addition to the requirements for entrance into 100 Level, candidates must possess:

i.         HSC/GCE A’Level Credit passes in two subjects chosen from Accounting, Economics, Business Management or statistics.

ii.       OND in Accounting, Information Technology or Business Admin with class not ss than Lower credit.

iii.    HND in accounting or related field.

2.2       B.Sc. in Business Management

A. 100 Level Requirements

Credits in English Language, Mathematics, Economics and any two from Financial Accounting/Principles of Accounts/Book-keeping, Commerce/Business Methods, Geography /Government, Biology/Agric/Physics/Chemistry.

B. 200 Level Requirements

            In addition to the requirements for entrance into 100 Level, candidates must possess:

i. HSC/GCE A’Level Credit passes in two subjects chosen from Accounting, Economics, Business Management, Geography or statistics.

ii. OND in Business Admin. or related courses  with class not less than Lower credit.

             iii. HND in related field

2.3.      B.Sc. in Economics

A. 100 Level Requirements

Credits in English Language, Mathematics, Economics and any two from Financial Accounting/Principles of Accounts/Book-keeping, Commerce/Business Methods, Geography /Government, Biology/Agric/Physics/Chemistry.

B. 200 Level Requirements

            In addition to the requirements for entrance into 100 Level, candidates must possess:

i.         HSC/GCE A’Level credit passes in two subjects; Economics and any of Mathematics, Statistics, Geography, Agric. Science, Accounting and Business Management.

ii.       OND in related field with class not less than Lower credit.

2.4.      B.Ed. in Educational Management & Planning         

            200  Level Requirements

i. Credits in GCE/SSCE/NECO/NABTEB in relevant subjects, including English Language, Mathematics and any three from Government, Geography, Economics, Agricultural Science/Biology, Chemistry/Physics, or Teachers’ Grade II Certificate.

      ii. Diploma or HND Certificate in relevant field from a recognized institution with a minimum of     

         lower credit pass.

             iii. A good NCE Certificate on any relevant filed from a recognized institution.

            iv. Two A’ level credit passes in relevant field

2.5.      B.Ed. in Guidance & Counseling

            200  Level Requirements

i. Credits in GCE/SSCE/NECO/NABTEB in relevant subjects, including English Language, Mathematics and any three from Government, Geography, Economics, Agricultural Science/Biology, Chemistry/Physics, or Teachers’ Grade II Certificate.

      ii. Diploma or HND Certificate in relevant field from a recognized institution with a minimum of lower credit pass.

             iii. A good NCE Certificate on any relevant filed from a recognized institution.

             iv. Two A’ level credit passes in relevant field

2.6       B. Sc. Community Health (Part – Time)

i. Credit passes in GCE/SSCE/NECO/NABTEB in relevant subjects which include English language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Health Sciences, Economics/Physics/Geography

        ii. A registered and licensed community health extension worker (Diploma in Community Health,

        Tropical Health).

iii.      Registered and licensed nurse/midwife/environmental health officer.

2.7       B. A. Language and Communication Arts (Part – Time)

i. Credit passes in GCE/SSCE/NECO/NABTEB or Grade II Certificate in relevant subjects, including English Language, Mathematics and any three of ICT, Geography, History Government, Economics, Commerce, Chemistry or Physics, Biology or Agricultural Science.

ii. A good NCE Certificate (Languages) or Diploma in any relevant field from a recognized institution.

iii. Two A’ level credit passes in relevant field plus a minimum of three O’Level credit passes.


 i.            Applicants shall not be less than 25 years of age on admission.

ii.            All forms must be submitted online  on or before the  closing  date of admission period.

iii.            For further assistance, applicants may call any of these Help Lines: 08121685532 or 080795393


Click this button to start applying now:  Distance Learning New Students Application Portal

or Returning student registration click here:  Distance Learning Old Registration Portal



The Senate of the Federal University of Technology, Yola at its 48th Special meeting approved the commencement of the Sandwich Programme in the School of Technology & Science Education. This was consequent upon the identified need for the programme in the university’s catchments area, and the pressure mounted on it by the Federal College of Education Yola (FCE Yola),which needed to transfer its displaced students of the University of Ilorin, Satellite Campus of Yola, to a nearby University, following the Federal Government’s pronouncement on the closure of Satellite Campuses. In actual fact, the programme was billed to commence with the students of the University of Ilorin Satellite Campus of the Federal College of Education Yola
The Sandwich Unit programme is housed in the School of Technology & Science Education (STSE) and courses offered would lead to the award of the following degrees:-




1. B.Tech. (Ed) Hons Biology
2. B.Tech. (Ed) Hons Chemistry
3. B.Tech. (Ed) Hons Physics
4. B.Tech. (Ed) Hons Geography
5. B.Tech. (Ed) Hons Mathematics
6. B.Tech. (Ed) Hons Economics
7. B.Tech. (Ed) Hons Integrated Science
8. B.Tech. (Ed) Hons Physical & Health Education
9. B.A. (Ed) Hons Language Arts
10. B. (Ed) Hons Educational Management
11. B. (Ed) Hons Guidance & Counselling

The above areas of specializations were aimed at accommodating transferees of the University of Ilorin Satellite Campus in F.C.E., Yola, and also meeting the teacher preparatory needs of the Adamawa State and environs. The Programme took off on 4th May, 2004 in all areas of specialisation with the exception of Physics and Integrated Science where there were no candidates


The description should highlight the following:

1. Personnel Administration
(a) Organization structure (Use chart if necessary)

(b) How staff are involved in the decision-making process and in general administration.

(c) Policy and practice on staff development

(d) Staff promotion

The Sandwich Unit is managed by the Coordinator who coordinates its affairs, chairs its departmental board, and liaises with the Chairman, Sandwich Management Board and the University administration on behalf of the Unit. Members of staff (both academic and non academic) are assigned certain functions and responsibilities to execute for the smooth running of the Unit; and all members of staff are answerable to the coordinator. Some of these responsibilities include the coordination of
• Teaching Practice
• Projects
• Examination
• Field Trip
• Students Advising

The unit also operates through committees which are set to address specific areas of units’ interest. Some of its standing committees are Admissions, Examination Screening and Direct Teaching and Laboratory Cost (DTLC).
The unit holds regular departmental meetings to discuss academic and other matters relating to teaching, research, effective management of resources as well as the general welfare and well-being of staff. Members of staff are usually encouraged to avail themselves of the University’s policy on training to develop themselves. All conditions relating promotions and other benefits are judiciously followed in the promotion of deserving staff.

2. Student’s Welfare

(a) Handling of academic grievances

(b) Student academic advising

All academic queries and grievances are normally addressed by the coordinator or where necessary by the management committee. The Unit also has Programme Supervisors and staff advisers for the students association.

3. Examination

a) Setting, conduct, evaluation schemes, moderation schemes-internal and external for degree examinations and the issuance of results.
Final year (i.e. 5th contact) examination questions are usually moderated by external examiners. Examination answer scripts are also moderated by external examiners after marking by internal examiners.

Results of examination of all the examinations taken at all levels are compiled and presented to senate through the Sandwich Management Board after been screened. Such results are made public to students after approval by the senate.

4. Academic Atmosphere

(a) Any policy adopted and practised by the College/School/Faculty! Department in pursuit of academic standards and maintenance of academic atmosphere.
The Unit encourages collaborative research between staff where possible. Conference and seminar attendance is also encouraged subject to availability of funds

Existing Curriculum for the Programme/Sub-Discipline/Discipline
Attach to this Form, the complete and current prospectus which should include:

(a) Programme Title:

(b) B. Tech Ed (Hons.) and B. Ed Tech. (Hons.) with options in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Integrated Science, Physical & Health Education, Guidance & Counselling, Geography, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics Education; B. A. Ed (Hons.) Lang Arts; B. Ed (Hons.) Educational Management and Guidance & Counselling.

Programme/Sub- Philosophy and objectives:
The Sandwich Unit was set up in line with the vision and mission of the National Policy on Education to train highly skilled, professionally competent intellectually sound science and mathematics teachers for Nigerian Secondary Schools and Colleges. The process of producing these quality teachers is through:

• The development of learners’ talents in both contents of their teaching subjects and educational pedagogy.
• Enhancing the practicum of science and mathematics teaching by organizing a closely supervised teaching practice.
• Coping with the dynamics of the Unit through research work on contemporary issues in education and encouraging innovative ways of effective teaching and learning of science subjects.
• Collaborating with other relevant programmes in the university to produce balanced students who possess requisite knowledge, skills and desirable work attitudes

Admission Requirements:

To qualify for admission one most possesses the following:

a. NCE with distinction, credit or merit in the major subjects, or Diploma in Education with Distinction or Credit, plus a minimum of 5 credits in the SSCE/WASC/NECO/GCE O’ Level in relevant subjects or Grade II Teachers’ Certificate with a minimum of merit grade in at least 5 relevant subjects.
b. GCE A’ Level or its equivalent in two relevant subjects, plus 5 credits in the relevant O’ Level subjects.

The duration of the course is:
5 Contacts Years

For the award of B.Tech (Ed)/B Ed. (Hons.) a candidate must have passed all prescribed and registered courses. With a minimum/maximum of 20 / 24 units to be registered in any contact. A candidate is expected to have registered and passed at least/most 110 units / 155 units, with a CGPA of not less than 1.00. A written project and 15 major component of a student’s graduation requirements as well.
Programme Sub-discipline/Discipline Structure to include period of formal studies in the Universities Industrial training, planned visit and projects:


1. Dr. Fatima M. Joda Ph.D Senior Lect Coordinator
2. Abubakar Bappa Diploma E.O. Accounts
3. Abdulrahman M. Jambutu B.Tech. (Hons) Admin Assistant
4. Ahmadu Mohammed Diploma A.E.O. (Admin)
5. Francisca O. Owayale Msc. Econs Admin Sec.
6. Sarah Alexander Diploma Account Clerk
7. Rahuta Japhet First school leaving Certificate Office Attendant
8. Prof. V. V. Apagu Prof. Dean
9. Prof. Ezugu Prof.
10. Prof. Buba Aliyu Prof.
11. Dr. Abubakar Alkasim Ph. D Lect. I
12. Dr. I. I. Nkafamiya Ph. D Senior Lect.
13. Dr. Anne A. Aneke Ph. D Lect.
14. Dr. Paskal Timtere Ph. D Lect. I
15. Dr. Pukuma Micah Ph. D Senior Lect.
16. Dr. Richard Ugwuadu Ph. D Senior Lect.
17. Dr. Abubakar Bashir Ph. D
18. Dr. Aishatu M. Mubi Ph. D Asst. Prof.
19. Dr. A.A. Zemba Ph. D Senior Lect.
20. Dr. J.D. L Kama Ph. D Senior. Lect
21. Dr. Alimba C. N. Ph. D Senior. Lect
22. Dr. Elizabeth Nyadaiti Ph. D Senior. Lect
23. Dr. K.U. Orisakwe Ph. D Asst. Prof.
24. Dr. S. Sarkiyayi Ph. D Lect
25. Dr. I. Tumba Ph. D Asst. Prof
26. Dr. Solomon Adee Ph. D Senior. Lect
27. Dr. O.A. Sogbesan Ph. D Senior Lect.
28. Dr. A. S. Bello Ph. D Lect. I
29. Dr. Aminu Chiroma Ph. D Senior Lect
30. Dr. Emmanuel Adukwu Ph. D
31. Alh. Shitu A .M. Lect.
32. Aminu Umaru G/A
33. Sjewi Funom Shehu Lect
34. Bello Osagie Vivian Lect.
35. Mohammed Bello Asst. Lect
36. Mahmud M. Hassan Lect.
37. Mohammed H. Shagal Lect. I
38. Charles Milan Lect.
39. Mr. Bristone Basiri Lect.
40. Mr. Fasasi K.M Lect. I
41. Mr. Kwada James. U Lect.
42. Mal. Mahdi Abba Asst. Lect
43. Mr. Gambo Matudi Lect.
44. Mr. Thomas Manasa Lect.
45. Mohammed S. Dasin Lect.
46. Usman Mavakumba P/M
47. Mohammed S. Jauroyel Lect.
48. Mr. Titus Godoko Lect.
49. Mrs. Adeyeri Juliana Lect.
50. Mrs. Leatu Shetima Lect.
51. Mal. Salihu M. Umar Lect. I
52. Mr. Habila Haziel Lect.
53. Mr. Awodoyin Francis O. Lect. II
54. Mal. Hamman Aminu Lect.
55. Mr. Raymond Gayus Lect. I
57. Mr. Maspalma Wilson Lect.
58. Alh. Abba Tahir Aliyu Lect.
59. Mohammed B. Mahmud Lect.
60. Mr. Jude Momodu Lect.
61. Mr. Benedict K. Kwala Lect.
62. Mr. Teman J. Tika Lect. I
63. Mal. Adamu Alkali Lect.
64. Mohammed B. Abdulssalam Lect.
65. John P. Wappa Lect.
66. Wada Richard Sylvester Lect.
67. Alhaji Tahir Lect.
68. Abdulfatta A. Momoh Lect II
69. Maimuna Aliyu G/A
70. Jibrilla Adamu G/A
71. Y.B. Valdon Lect.
72. Ademola John Iyabo Caroline Lect.
73. Ibrahim Hayatu Gengle Asst. Lect
74. Yakubu Egede G/A
75. Mr. Suleiman Babatunde Lect.
76. Usaku Reuben Lect.
77. Mohammed Ali Abel G/A
78. Babangida Haruna G/A
79. Kawu Waziri G/A


Sandwich Degree Programme ANNOUNCES the Sales of admission form of its Degree Programme for the 2015 Academic Contact in the following courses:-

B.Tech. Ed. (Hons) Biology
B. Tech. Ed. (Hons) Chemistry
B. Tech. Ed. (Hons) Physics
B. Tech. Ed. (Hons) Economics
B. Tech. Ed. (Hons) Geography
B. Tech. Ed. (Hons) Integrated Science
B. Tech. Ed. (Hons) Mathematics
B. Tech. Ed. (Hons) Physical & Health Education
B. A. Ed. (Hons) Language Arts Education
B. Tech. Ed. (Hons) Educational Management with any of the above Teaching subjects.

B. Tech. Ed. (Hons) Guidance & Counseling with any of the above Teaching subjects.

To qualify for admission, one must possess the following

NCE or Diploma in Education with Distinction, Credit or Merit in Major subject, plus at least 4-5 Credits in the SSCE/WASC/GCE “O” level, NECO, NABTEB in relevant subjects or Teachers Grade II Certificate With a minimum of Credit grade in at least 4-5 relevant subjects.

Are obtainable on the payment of the sum of N5,100.00 from MAUTECH Micro-Finance Bank. MAUTECH Branch.
Application forms will be available for the 2015 Academic contact Admission up to 15th July, 2015.

All completed application forms with photocopies of credentials
Should be returned to the following address.
Sandwich Programme Coordinator,
Bukar Mele Complex
Modibbo Adama University of Technology,
P.M.B. 2076


Part-Time Study
Part-time courses are popular because of the flexibility they offer to students who may need to work while they study, or who have family commitments. Part-time students account for almost a third of our student population here at the University. Part-time courses are studied over a longer period of time than their full-time equivalents but students spend fewer hours per week in a classroom - courses could involve day release, day plus evening, or evening only study. Information about these options can be found from the relevant faculty or course page. General entrance requirements are the same for full- and part-time students, although part-time application procedures and financial information differ from those for full-time students.

Applying for a part-time course
Application procedures vary from faculty to faculty, and sometimes from course to course. The University usually advertises for applications from candidates. During this time, You may apply online. However, courses have limited places and to avoid disappointment you should apply early. You will be required to complete an application form online and possibly take a screening test. If selected, you will receive a written offer of a place together with instructions on how to register and join the course. All entrants are required to enroll and pay the relevant fees before they are permitted to attend classes. The decision that the University makes about your application and your fee status is based on the information provided on your application form. If we find that you have made a false statement or have left out significant information, we reserve the right either to withdraw or amend our offer or to amend your fee status.



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